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Welcome to visit our website! Makall Group is the largest base of silica gel production, scientific research and export in Asia. Currently, our products range more than 40 series and 300 different specifications. Our level of making products serial and fine keeps ahead in domestic silica gel industry. We have invented over 30 kinds of silica gel products which are the further processed products of silica gel and which are with high-scientific technology and high additional values. We have applied for 18 patents, among which there are twelve have got the national patent approvals, and one of them has obtained Qingdao City Scientific and Technological Progress Award; four of them has obtained Qingdao Chengyang District Scientific and Technological Progress Award; and thirteen of them has passed the municipal evaluations for new products and new technology; five of them keep leading nationwide; three of them keep leading all over the world; and two of them have filled up international vacancy. Our big wide pore silica gel is entitled municipal important new product, and it obtained gold medal on Hong Kong International Patent Technology Exposition in 2002; and our orange silica gel indicator and FNG Silica Aluminum gel have also awarded as national important products.

“Customer is our God” is our service belief. Our Board Chairman, Mr. Yongzhao Li and General Manager, Mrs. Xiuqin Liang together with all employees welcome friends of all walks to have a visit in Makall. (Besides, the general name of our products is also called desiccant, humidity indicator, moisure absorption agent, sorbent, Column Chromatography Silica Gel, dehumidizer). Our main products are cat litter products, column chromatography silica gel, silica gel beads, silica gel lumpy, silica gel with color changing, silica gel with flavors, Mansion Fresh, Shoefresh and other silica gel products.

Product list    
·SG01 series-narrow pore spherical silica gel ·SG02 narrow pore granular silica gel
·SG03 Type B spherical silica gel · SG04 Type B granular silica gel
·SG05 wide pore spherical silica gel ·SG06 wide pore granular silica gel
·SG07 wide pore micro spherical silica gel · SG08 big wide pore granular silica gel
·SG09 big wide pore spherical silica gel ·SG10 super wide pore silica gel
·SG11 column chromatography silica gel ·SG12 high performance thin layer chromatography silica gel
·SG13 thin layer chromatography silica gel plate ·SG14 liquid phase chromatography silica gel series
·SG16 FNG water-proof silica gel ·SG17 silicic acid
·SG18 series—active silica gel ·SG19 silica sol
·SG20 silica gel desiccant ·SG21 high performance desiccant
·SG26 color-changing & indicating cat litter ·SG27 blue granular silica gel
·SG28 spherical blue silica gel ·SG29 orange silica gel ( indicator)
·Cat Litter ·Fragrance silica gel
·Mansion Fresh ·Shoe Fresh
·Aquarium Fresh
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General Manager's Office phones:0532- 87719688 General Manager's Office fax:+86-532-87719588
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